We have been familiar with numerous hairstyles. There should be a perfect hairstyle for every occasion in our life. We can incorporate many different items in our hairstyling ideas and come up with more appealing results. Let us take socks for example. Most of us is known as the garment for our feet. We use socks for many purposes and most of us wear sock to keep our feet in warm condition. Other than their main functions, we can also incorporate the socks in creating attractive hairstyles.

We can easily use a pair of socks and transform them into an excellent accessory for your hair. Hairstyles with sock buns have become more and more popular these days as it does not take too complex process to create them. Should you look for a quick and easy way to make your standard bun hairstyles more thickness, you might want to incorporate a pair of socks in the process. With a help from the socks, you can come up with more structure and sophistication on your bun hairstyles. Many people are amazed with the easy process to create attractive bun hairstyle. You can simply create a roll of a pair of socks and come up with a form of doughnut. Once you do it, you will find that creating a sock bun hairstyle with medium length hair cut very easy. A sock bun hairstyle come up with a tube shape and that is why many people refer this hairstyle as the doughnut bun.

A flawless hair bun is more likely to work well on the women or girls with medium length hair cut. You can choose this style for everyday use as it is very easy to create. Should you look for the hair bun style that looks very fancy for a formal occasion, you might need to add a number of additional establishments. The length of the socks plays a major part in determining the size of the bun. The length of your hair needs to be taken into consideration as well. A smaller sock would be more appropriate for shorter hair cut. Should you wish to create an attractive bun on the long hair, you had better use the bigger pair of socks.

The first thing you need to do is to cut the tip of the toe area off of the sock. You can start rolling the sock from the toe hole until the end faces the inside part of the hole. Should you plan to add a ponytail on the hair bun, you need to gather your hair. Should it be the first time for you to create a hair bun, you might as well opt for a high bun. You need to make sure that the sock is out of sight. You can let your hair fall over the sock on all sides for this purpose. You might need to use some elastic band to hold the hair in place under the sock. You can use a bobby pin to pin the hair around the base of the bun.