Are you a fan of Mad Men Hairstyles For Women? In the 60s hair style has become more diverse, with the trend of celebrities such as, Jacqueline Kennedy, Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor and even the Beatles were inspire young women to style their hair. In the early 60s, popular hair styles were shorter than at the end of the decade, when the hippie style became popular, and along with it, the long hair.

Some popular hair styles in the 60s that were used in the movie Mad Men Hairstyles For Women including:

Bouffant Style. This hairstyle is also known as the Jackie Kennedy Hairstyle. The first Lady of United States Jacqueline Kennedy popularized the Bouffant style. To get a bob hairstyle, a woman of the 60s had to go to the salon to get her hair piled high on the head and flipped out on the side, or create it at home but it can take a lot.

Hive Style. This style displays honeycomb that similar to popular bob style but with more extravagant and much larger hair. Some take up a whole nest of hair spray cans to keep hair in place.

French Twist Style. A French twist hairstyle is made by twisting the hair into a loose ponytail and pin it into place with a beautiful comb or hair pin.

The Beatles Mop-Top Style. A style that can be worn by a girl or a guy, The Beatles hairstyle was considered very rebellious in the 60s for a young man, as defined by his long hair shaggy.

The Pageboy Style. This hair style is made popular by supermodel and actress Twiggy, pageboy haircut is cut short, shaggy with bangs. It is also sometimes called a bob haircut. pageboy was easy to maintain, making it popular in the 60s.

Mad Men Hairstyles For Women are created as similar as women hairstyle in the 60s. Hair styles that women not only change the style in the 60s. Men began to wear their hair longer and more unkempt. Bands like the Beatles greatly affect women and men in hair style. A lot of young teenagers choose to wear their hair in the style of the Beatles, known as Mop-Tops style or Arthur style. In the 70s and early 60s, long hippie hair is very popular, because the new hippie culture that was quickly formed.