When you decide to grow your hair longer than your chin, means that you will need to be ready to continuously styling your hair. You want to avoid looking the same way or look like you have bad hair day all the time right? To try these styles you will need: bobby pin, tail brush, elastic bun, hairspray or styling gel. You might also need flat iron or curly iron for a nice finishing. Those items are must have items if you want to have different look with these quick and easy hairstyles for girls with medium length to long hair.

Side Pony Tail
Pony tail hairstyle is a quick and easy hairstyle for girl but can be so boring. Why don’t try other ways or direction? Try side pony tail and see how you can transform your ‘usual look’ into ‘chic girl’. All you need to do is to pull your hair to the side, then secure them with elastic band. Problem if you have medium hair is that you can do it tidily. In that situation, you will need to secure the bottom part hair with bobby pin. If you have long front hair, you can braid or twist your bangs to the side and secure them with bobby pin; this will give you a classic French style side pony tile. For natural style, make sure to not pulling your hair too tight so it will create natural puff.

Tease Half Up
If you like your hair to down naturally, you can try this quick and easy hairstyle for girls. Make a twist of your hair on the side, and bring them to the side or to the back of your hair, depend on the length you want. Secure the twist with double bobby pin.

Half Down Hairstyle
This quick and easy hairstyle for girls is best when you want to look feminine. Simply pull half part of your hair back and secure them with elastic bands. If you want more classic look, twist your hair on both sides, then pull them to the back then secure the hair together with elastic band.

Messy Bun
Messy bun can look very chic without anyone noticing that it looks messy. You can do it without washing and applying hairstyling gel to your hair. All you need is to pull your bangs to the back, and secure them right on the crown area with bobby pin. After that take all the rest of your hair back, and pull the high like you are making a high pony tail. Secure the hair with elastic band. Create bun using the pony tail and secure the end with bobby pin. This quick and easy hairstyle for girls can be combining with side braided hair or twisted side hair. The idea is to bring all the rest of the hair into a bun.

High Volume Pony
This hair is best for wavy or curly hair. If you have soft straight hair, you will need to pre curl your hair or tease your hair around the crown area. To create a puff use a tight headband to create a hair line, then pull your hair up, do not press your hair because you want the volume to stay high on crown area and the pony.