Short hairstyle is best for dynamic women. Many woman deal with thick hair that is not easy to style. One of the most popular hairstyle for women over 30 is bob hair cut. However, to avoid being bored with your hair style, you need to know how to style short thick hair. Women over 30 usually don’t really like to experiment with hairstyles. Simple hairstyle and short layered cut and natural hair colors usually become the choice of women over 30. If you have a short thick hair, straight, wavy or curly, you need to always pay attention to find a right shortcut for your hair. Best hair cut for short thick hair is layered bob or pixie hair cut. Here are some tricks how to style short thick hair if you are women over 30. You will always need these to style your hair:

  • Styling gel
  • Hairspray
  • Flat Iron
  • Curly Iron
  • Paddle brush

This style is very specific. Some people include this hairstyle as edgy cut. However, pixie hair cut actually can turn very classic for women over 30. This is why pixie hair cut is one best solution how to style short thick hair. If you have thick, wavy and rebellious hair, you will need extra time to style your hair. Pixie hair cut will give fresh and younger look for women over 30. Problem with this look is this hair cut need maintenance. You need to keep tidy your cut at least once monthly. To keep the sleekness and healthy looking pixie cut, never go out without your styling gel.

Short Layered Bob

Another trick how to style short thick hair is, to get a layered bob hair cut. Classic bob might be good for medium length hair cut but for thick short hair, layered bob will help you explore the thickness of your hair. Layered bob also will reduce your hair volume that will prevent you to have a mushroom head. If you have thick straight hair, you can style your hair with curly iron to create wavy strands to look more stylish. If you want to look modern and sophisticated, try blunt bob which will make it easier also to style your hair daily.

Short Shag cut

Shag cut or “bedhead’ hairstyle was already popular since early 90’s. If you remember short shaggy hair of Meg Ryan and Jennifer Anniston, both shaggy styles will give you light and fresh look. The different of layered cut and shag cut is that shag cut will dramatically reduce the volume using slicing technique of cutting. This will leave your hair with messy strands or sharp tips.

Classic One length Bob

This hair style is possible to apply to short thick hair. The trick how to style short thick hair with one length bob cut is to always have your flat iron with you. To protect your hair, don’t forget to apply heat protectors beforehand. The purpose of flat ironing your hair is to reduce the volume of your thick hair and to create sleek look.