If you’re planning on growing out your bangs, you might find it difficult to style your hair in such a way that it still looks really good. Longer bangs can be grown to match your own hair length, so it’ll be good for you to grow them out so that you can try easier hair styles. In the meantime, you still need to be able to easily style the hair so that it looks gorgeous and doesn’t look too overgrown. There are many ways for you to style your bangs while you are trying to grow them out to your own hair length.

How to Style Your Bangs
One style that you can try if you’ll be growing out your bangs is to sweep them off to the side. You can accomplish this by training the hair to sweep to one side and stay that way. You will need to use a blow dryer regularly with a round brush to dry the bangs and give them some body. You can then use a straightening tool to blend the bangs into your own natural hair. If you have curly hair, you can even use a curling iron to sweep them more to the side and give them body.

You may also want to think about putting your bangs up and away from your face using bobby pins. This bump look is very popular nowadays, and many girls and women are wearing it while they happen to be growing out their own bangs. It might be beneficial for you to try to grow out the bangs as well, so be sure to have some styling tools and items available if this is something that you would like to do for your own good.

What to Avoid
There are certain things that you may want to consider avoiding if you would like to be able to style longer bangs without having to cut them. First and foremost, never try to have your bangs straight over your forehead if you’ll be growing them out. Long bangs can look unkempt if you style them this way, and they are going to cover your eyes and look something awful. It is best to go with more of a side swept look if you would still like to show off your bangs without having to actually cut them to a shorter length.

You also want to avoid cutting your bangs just because you’re getting frustrated with them. There are literally dozens of different things you can try for yourself if you want to have gorgeous bangs that are going to be completely grown out. By getting frustrated with them and cutting them to a shorter length, you are defeating the purpose and will only regret it again once they are cut. This is why it is so important for you to try these styles so that you can grow the bangs out and feel good about the way that they look framed on your head.