A lot of females are blessed with full heads of hair they can play around with to put in various styles that work with their facial features. Wearing different hairstyles is usually because the female wants to achieve a certain type of image. This could be casual, classy, elegant, formal or royal. All of these looks can be done with the right hair, the right hair stylists, and the right hair products.

Finger waves is one of such hairstyles that can create an image. It is a hairstyle that has been in existence sinces the twenties and it’s a style that people wear nowadays to achieve a classy and elegant look for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, red carpet events, graduations, birthday parties and so on. This is a hairstyle that used to be worn by celebrities of old, rich monarchs and dignitaries. One can get this retro look by visiting professional hair stylists and not all of them know how to do it because it used to be prominent back in the day not anymore.

There are different ways to do a finger waves hairstyle. The first and most common way is by wetting a straight, relaxed hair very thoroughly like a shower wash. The hair stylist will then apply dabs of non flaky hair gel to the hair after cutting it out into sections. The hair is then combed through and patted down with another comb while combing against the direction of the pat down to achieve the waves in the hair. The waves are held down by bobby pins after this and taken out after the whole hair has been put in waves.

The alternative way of doing this is through the stylist using their natural fingers instead of another comb to put the waves in place by slightly pushing the hair in-between the fingers. The hair is then dried after the waves have been formed in the right directions. Another way to do a finger waves is through the use of hair spray. The dry hair will first be divided into different sections before the spray is applied, after this the hair is further divided into different smaller sections where each piece is wrapped round a hot curler and then released and held in place by bobby pins.

The pins are removed after the whole hair is curled and the fingers are run through to loosen the curls before the hair stylist will use a soft brush to brush through the hair to achieve a spiral locks look while holding the hair in place with pins again and then finishing off with another dose of spraying. It is only a handful of people looking to stand out at events that will want to go for this hairstyle now. It can also be worn by actresses when portraying roles in the past or by models wearing retro looks to stand out on the runway. This is a hairstyle that can also be carried for a number of days before it will require changing.